The first G.I. Joe vehicle I ever owned was the Skystriker. I received it for Christmas in 1984 and miraculously still have it my possession. Of course, it was played with and is a little worse for wear with stickers peeling and missing parts. With the current state of disrepair and the challenge of restore it to its glory days, I was ecstatic to see that Hasbro Pulse is reissuing the Skystriker!

Back the Skystriker project at Hasbro Pulse before Dec 7, 2021 to get yours!

Details from Hasbro

It’s the 21st century now and for G.I. Joe’s first ever HasLab we are bringing the afterburner-level heat and re-issuing the Skystriker with some awesome modern updates and incredible, exclusive unlocks. All to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Sure, the Skystriker has been done before (and it’s awesome every time) but never like this. Only with modern technology are we able evolve this classic combat jet by adding the most precise detail and design to bring it from the 80s to the FUTURE. Because the future is now.

The Skystriker isn’t the only incredible item you’ll be able to display in your G.I. Joe collection when you fund this HasLab. You’ll also get two o-ring figures with HasLab exclusive deco – Ace and Wayne Ruthel! The original fighter pilot, Ace, looks just as you remember him in a traditional deco scheme. And Wayne Ruthel has deco designed to call back to the original Skystriker packaging. If these two legendary action figures aren’t enough to blow your mind, we have even more to add!

You’ll be able to unlock up to 3 different tiers with even more exclusively decoed o-ring action figures and accessories, including Scarlett in a flight suit for the first time ever, Rip Cord in Night Force colors, and 2 Pit Crew members to man the runway vehicles. Fund this project today to start fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble!